I6 Status Update

This seems to be working 🙂

The 16:8 intermittent fasting regime seems to be working. To be fair I haven’t stuck to it absolutely.

So here is where I’ve sort of gotten off track of following my plan to the letter.

  • A couple of days I’ve been physically hungry at 11-11:30 in the morning despite having my juice mixture, tea, or coffee. So I’ve jumped the 12:30 start a couple of times
  • A couple of days I’ve been emotionally hungry just before bed to be point where I felt I needed to have something. In general, I’ve kept those snacks to either one portion of fruit or one portion of protein (no carbs) 
  • I’ve not stuck to the calorie count per day as per my chart, instead I’ve sort of let my emotional and physical needs dictate whether that day will be a low calorie or medium calorie day. So some days I’ve been closer to the 800 calorie side of things, others I’ve been closer to the 1600 calorie side of things. Its been averaging about 1200 calories per day thou (3 meals x 400 calories)

Still it seems to be working out. At the moment I’m on track to lose about 2-3 pounds per week. But to be fair, this is only week 2 and today is my high calorie / high carb day. So the proof will be whether I’m down another 2 pounds by this time next week.

To be honest the hardest part of this approach is not wanting to woof down breakfast before 12:30. For example, right now as I’m writing this its 10:30 and I could really go for some eggs. I’ll get some juice instead which should tie me over for the next hour or two.

The other thing that I’ve been doing is trying to get more rest. The last year, I haven’t been sleeping well (or at all in some cases). Sleep deprivation is a major cause of weight gain and so trying to get that under control has been helping also I think. Albeit I still have a ways to go on that one (again).

— Kevin

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