Core Program

5-Sept1IALLALL0Program Overview
12-Sept2YICharlotteSimone0Preparing for Meal Replacement
19-Sept3IIShawnaCharlotte 4Journaling and Building Support
26-Sept4IIShawna Charlotte 4Setting Goals and Problem Solving
3-Oct5IISimone Shawna 4Activity Theory (KIN)
10-Oct 6YIICharlotte Shawna4Knowing Nutrients
17-Oct 7IICharlotte Shawna 4Gym
23-Oct8IIShawna Charlotte 4Time and Stress Management
30-Oct9IICharlotte Shawna 4Creating a Health Home
7-Nov10IICharlotte Shawna 4Cravings
14-Nov11YIIShawna Charlotte 4Mindful Eating
21-Nov12IISimoneCharlotte 4Activity Theory (KIN)
28-Nov13IICharlotte Shawna 4Gym
5-Dec14IICharlotte Shawna 4Planning Meals and Transition
12-Dec15YIIICharlotte Shawna 3Special Occasions and Eating Out
19-Dec16IIIShawna Charlotte 2Changing Your Eating Style
9-Jan17IIICharlotte Shawna 1 Shopping and Labels
16-Jan18IIIShawna Charlotte 0Asserting Yourself and Personal Responsibility
23-Jan19YIIISimone Shawna 0Activity Theory (KIN)
30-Jan20IVShawna Charlotte 0Gym
6-Feb21IVShawna Charlotte 0Body Image and Self Confidence
13-Feb22IVShawna Charlotte 0Sleep Hygiene
20-Feb23YIVCharlotte Simone 0Diet Trends
27-Feb24IVALL0Long Term Weight Managemnet