Day 16

Still going … at 313 I’m down 27 lbs so far.

Will probably break the fast either Thursday or Friday.

Was considering going all the way to Saturday but considering how long its been without other forms of food, I’d rather not have tummy problems on a 8 hour drive.

By my current estimation, about 12 lbs of this is water weight so I expect once I start eating more regularly again, this is what I’ll gain back. Still 15 lbs in 16 days is a decent amount to lose. Its a bit higher than the 3.6 lbs per week that I was considering ‘safe’ by more normal standards (i.e. approximately 1-1.15% of body weight per week), but if I can keep my post fast weight between 325 and 330 before undertaking the next step, then I will consider this a success. This puts me bang on target for approximately 1.15% body mass loss per week. Anything beyond that is a bonus in my book.

So considering, I’ll probably pick up some salmon and asparagus for Thursday dinner and that will be the break point. 

Have been researching a few easy keto recipes for Friday and then Saturday morning just to keep the ketosis going. Saturday evening is when the real break will occur with the first carbs addition. Target calories is 2600/dy so biggest challenge will be to try to not exceed this. 

— Kevin


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