Welcome to Day 13

Today was my second psychological hurdle and so far sailing through it with flying colours. 100 laps in the pool, 8200 walking steps, down another 1.4 lbs, back is fine, and I’m not feeling sick or anything like the last time.

I’m thinking this approach using an extremely low calorie count may be one of the better methods. As much as I was thinking about steak and eggs earlier today, I’m just pumped that I have manged to get this far.

For now its just a day by day thing until Friday which is when I’ll break the fast for certain as I leave for the conference the next day. At that point it will be 18 days which for me would be amazing. I’m hoping to sail through the next 5-6 days. 

Mentioned to my doctor yesterday what I was doing and so he’s doing some blood work just to double check everything. I’m hoping that comes back okay. Will find that out next Friday as well. Fingers cross its all good.

Day 16
Setting Limits

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