Making another change for this week to see how effective it is combined with the other measures I’m currently taking.

Have decided to give the 18:6 approach a try on fasting days. So even though I’m taking in approximately 300 calories per day, I’m going to try to only take in those calories between 2pm and 8pm. The rest of the time will either be water or supplements.

I definitely seem to have plateaued in terms of weight but the body composition numbers are all switching around a lot. This is now week number two where I haven’t seen much change as the numbers are bouncing between 292 lbs and 297 lbs. 

However, body fat percentage has been consistently going down during the same time and lean muscle mass has been going up. Further, the viseral fat number has been trending downwards as well even when my body weight has been going up after refeeding days.

Overall that would suggest that whatever is happening is positive news even though the scale isn’t doing what I want it to do (down, down and more down).

That being said I definitely want the scale to start moving in the right direction again so I’m abandoning the 52 approach in favor of a 61 approach. 

The reason is that it seems by having unrestricted eating for 2 days, regardless of whether there is a fasting day in between or not, that overall weight will go up for 3 days before starting to come back down. Whereas if you only have one cheat day per week, then the weight increase only happens for about 2 days before going back down again. 

I’m hoping that by using the two approaches, this will break me out of the rut I seem to be in that is refusing to allow me to get below 290. I really want to be at or near 270 before starting the medical program.

The other alternative is to just go back to a full on fast but it being summer and people coming to visit this month – its going to be enough of a challenge I think to just maintain where I’m at. Here is hoping that can make everything work.

— Kevin

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