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Post-Fast Day 4: 315 lb BMI 45.3 Body Fat* 44.3%

Still trying to figure out this whole eating thing again. Currently, I’ve been keeping to a diet that is fairly evenly balanced (34% protein, 38% carbs, 28% fat). Definitely not keto but at the same time it is also pretty much all whole foods. I’m keeping to about 1700 calories per day. While both BMI and the US Navy formula are showing increases in body fat the fat monitor is showing decreases (40.6%) and has been decreasing the last over the past 4 days rather than increasing. So I’m hoping this is mainly water weight and will top out shortly. I thought it was going to do it yesterday but apparently not.

Trying to get in 45 minutes to an hour on the treadmill. That is still a core component I need to be working on as I want to be doing this once per day every day. Its been helping with my back problems significantly.

I’ve picked up a couple of Keto recipe guides. Excessive fat doesn’t begin to describe the meals they have listed. I’m not 100% sure about doing that on a consistent basis. I’m thinking this might be better as a “cheat day” type of meal where you want to substantially change your eating patterns every 6-7 days so that you don’t get used to a particular type of nutritional plan.

(*) Weighted average of the three measurement techniques.

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