What a Difference a Day Makes

Intervention: Post-Fast, 309 lbs, BMI 44.3

What a difference a day makes. The cramps are gone and I managed to get a decent 7 hours of sleep last night.

It is interesting that while BMI shows an increase in body fat, and the US Navy formula shows being stable, the monitor has been showing fairly consistent declines in body fat including today. Now hydration has a lot to do with what number the monitor shows, but still, it is an encouraging sign notwithstanding the expected weight increase.

So here was my actual post fast nutrition for yesterday. 4 jars of 7.5 oz baby food (protein-based, not fruit), an electrolyte beverage, 2l of low sodium V8 juice, 2 slices of white cheese, and about a litre of water. Total calories ~1300.

Now on 1300 calories, there is no possible way I’ve put on 2 lbs of fat, so this has to be all water weight returning and some glycogen replacement. I got in maybe 20 minutes of walking yesterday due to the cramping but today will be back to 40-45 minutes on the treadmill.

The goal for today is 2000 calories. My est calorie requirement is ~2600, not including activity level, so this will still be well below optimal intake for maintenance.

I found a few guides on keto nutritional plans, so hopefully, by the weekend I’ll have something sustainable planned out.

I started today out with a 2-egg mushroom wrap (homemade). After calculating out the calories, however, it came in at 650 cals including the electrolyte drink if I go strictly off the packaging for different whole foods.

I am finding that now that I’m looking at calorie density in more detail, that there are different substitutions I can make. For example, mushrooms are 20 calories per cup. Spinach is also only about 40 calories per cup cooked. So for the same calorie count, I could have removed one egg, doubled the mushrooms, added some spinach, and ended up with a meal that was 20 calories less than what I did today. So now I need to find some spinach.

I’m definitely not used to doing this and portion size has never been my thing. So this is certainly going to take some getting used to. I am hoping that If I can keep to a 45-60 minute walk per day, that I will have some flexibility to make some little mistakes without going over.

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