May have Spoken Too Soon

Intervention: Day 13, 320 hours, 307 lbs, BMI 44.1

Today has been intestinal cramps all day. They actually started yesterday but were just minor achy feeling that went away with some water. A few articles I’ve read up on indicated that they will pass, whereas others suggested that this is normal and to bear through it. A few others suggested ginger ale, some lemon water, or switching to a juice fast for a while before trying to continue. A couple of others suggested its the digestive track dealing with toxins.

Will monitor for the next day or two. As this is the first time I have ever water fasted, getting to the 2 week point is a minor achievement from what I’ve heard. But if the cramps continue or get worse then I’m going to need to cut the water fast short which is not what I was hoping for. I was really hoping to get to the 22-day mark which is only 1 week away.

Failing that then Friday I’m switching to a keto diet, which I wasn’t planning on for at least another week. Still this has been an interesting experience and one that I’m willing to repeat notwithstanding some of the aches and pains that have been a part of this last week.


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